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Are you ready for change in your life but don't know where to begin or how to maintain momentum? You need a health coach! Erin is an Integrative Nutrition health coach who partners with you to create the level of health and happiness you desire for your life. Schedule a Free Breakthrough Session today.

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Recall a time in your life when you felt "stuck" or "in a rut". These feelings are examples of energy imbalances. Energy imbalances lead to illness, disease, and a lower quality of life. Erin utilizes Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System® which shifts energy imbalances to keep you moving forward and living your best life.

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Are you someone who wants to have a significant impact on the lives of others? Do you long for a community of passionate and powerful people changing the world? Would you like to be part of the health revolution transforming the world? The Institute for Integrative Nutrition may be just what you are looking for.

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"I have been working with Erin as I grow my business and grow as a person. She recently introduced me to Trailblazing Communications. It was difficult for me to understand at first, but slowly I began to see how it works and experience the benefits form it. We've used this incredible tool to support me with a few different aspects of my life. The first was around health and nutrition. I've been having an allergy to something for years and have never been able to figure out what was causing it. Working with Erin, we discovered where it stemmed from and I've been able to tweak my diet and alleviate the symptoms I was experiencing. Our last few sessions have been focused on my business development and aspects of my self that keep me stuck. It's been an excellent tool for me to get in touch with what I need to work on in myself and my business to grow and create. The most powerful and important aspect of my work with Erin was something that came up unexpectedly. My four year old daughter began to experience separation anxiety. I contacted Erin and asked if we could replace my next business session with a session for my daughter. The information that came out of that work was surprising and eye-opening. I received specific action steps to take to help my daughter and myself. Also, the session alone seemed to alleviate a lot of what was going on. The day after the session my daughter had a noticeable change in her behavior and emotional state. I'm so grateful I met Erin and that she has introduced me to this incredible tool. I'm considering incorporating Trailblazing Communications in my work using it with my clients as well!” -Kristy R. (Washington, DC)
We have a 10 month German Shepherd Meika, who has been experiencing digestive issues for some time. We have changed her dry dog food and even went to home-made food in attempt to resolve the issue. We have only seen temporary resolution to the issue. After being introduced to Erin, I was aware that she works with clients relating to nutritional health. I asked Erin to perform a session on Meika in hopes of gaining insight to what Meika’s needs are for digestive health. Erin’s information on Meika’s session provided insight to not only her digestive concerns but also the changes occurring in our household (changes in work schedules and spring sports activities). Meika’s digestive issue improved with the recommendations but regressed after seven days. Meika is extremely sensitive to change and I sense there are many layers to what is causing her issue. I will continue to utilize Erin’s services in order to help Meika reach her optimal health. Jodi W. (Fargo, ND)
I was at my wits end on what to do with our family dog, Mailbox. She is an 11 year old German Shepard that has been pretty well behaved and very easy to take care of up until about a month ago. She started eating literally everything in sight from the carpet and plastic wrappers to poop in the yard and, finally, hard plastic containers. We are a family that cares about our pets like they are our children so we'd tried almost everything to alleviate the situation up to this point. I was going crazy and my house was getting destroyed. I was desperate for someone to help me. I contacted Erin for a communication session to determine what was causing Mailbox's unusual behaviors. She explained that Mailbox was trying to tell me something with her behaviors. In the session Erin got the message that my relationship was rocky and that Mailbox really just wanted me to take time to really focus on taking care of myself instead of everyone else first. Erin gave me 8 action steps that would be good for my relationship, my dog, and most importantly myself. She is a total life saver. Erin created a comfortable space where I could open my heart and trust her to help my family. I am very thankful that I reached out to Erin, she is truly a lifesaver! Andrea P. (Fargo, ND)

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